It’s amazing how ads work.  Some are so effective and can really sell their product, others cannot.  One commercial in particular has the most effect on myself.  That commercial would be the Kit Kat commercials. ( )  These commercials always leave me wanting to go get a Kit Kat bar, craving one until such a time arises where I can finally snack on its deliciousness.  I find it very interesting, however, that in these commercials, there is no talking, they do not say their slogan, go on about how it will make you happy if you have one, it is not like other commercials for chocolate bars.  In these all they do is creatively make their jiggle through the cracking/snaking of the Kit Kat, the “yummy” noises of people, and other objects around them.  Nothing is truly said.  And yet, every single time I see or even hear those commercials, I have the need for a Kit Kat bar.  They got me.  I cannot figure out how though.  Other than great marketing and advertising, I do not know how it is that the simple jingle makes me want to buy their product.  Maybe I am drawn to the familiar jingle, or perhaps it is simply the physiological need that I am craving the mouth watering candy.  Either way, they have me in their power, for I am weak to their enticing advertisement.

The Advertisers Found My Weakness


As I was sitting in my living room watch the family guy episode about the fat guy strangler ( with my brother I realized how sad it is that the media portrays fat people to be like this. Out of breath, always wanting to eat, gassy, and cannot fit in chairs or breaking them due to their weight. This is a great example of enforcement of norms because they are just stereotyping people who are over weight. They are portraying people who are over weight as gassy individuals that love to eat all the time. On shows like Family Guy and others like it they are sending this message and every time they send that message it sticks to people as that stereotype and it is just not true. My family is over weight as is other people I know and those portrayals are incorrect. Yes, they may have a more difficult time keeping up with some but they are no less of a human and should not be mad fun of. That message needs to change because not only is obesity a problem in the country but so is childhood obesity. Children are most impressionable and watching shows with these messages are saying it is okay to make fun of people who are over weight and this is how they act. It is not okay to make fun of anyone and this message needs to change so children know that it is not how over weight people act and that it is not okay to make fun of them.

Blame the media for the stereotyping of over weight people