Is It Truly Newsworthy?

What makes something truly newsworthy?  I think it’s all a matter of opinion.  For example, the story of Jennifer Lopez,, is this truly NEWSWORTHY? In my opinion, all these celebrity stories are not newsworthy.  Yes, good for her that she is being successful in her journey as a designer but really, did we NEED to know about it? Is it that important to the public that it should be in the news?  Next to the daily lottery number, the number of people dead, and the weather, should we have Jennifer Lopez?  I don’t think so.  To me it is not important and it does not affect me whatsoever.  I understand that practically anything about a celebrity sells.  I get that it is about keeping people interested and all.  I do, I get it.  I don’t agree with it, but I do understand it.  I just think that the news should be about things that matter.  Things that affect you or the world, things that are important.  Not what a celebrity is doing. Personally I don’t give a damn what they’re doing! I’m sorry but unless they suddenly die there really isn’t any need for them to be in the news.  The only reason they are is because it sells.  It kills me that I have to listen to that crap.  Especially when someone does something stupid and that’s all we hear about like that stupid Charlie Sheen business that went on and on and on.  That’s all we hear on the news!  It was beyond ridiculous! People need to get their priorities straight.  Newsworthiness has definitely changed over the years and it’s becoming more and more about the “stars”.  It makes me sad that that is all we want to hear about, that the world no longer cares about the actual news.  I guess I will just have to suffer and continue to scream at the T.V. that I don’t care about that.  It’s all about what sells nowadays. 


Think Of The Children

When I was little I never really thought about how T.V. impacted my life. I never realized how big apart it played in my life. It taught me the alphabet, taught me how to count, it even taught me manners, and what the difference is between right and wrong. People do not realize how big an influence the T.V. has on us and has on our children. Now, some shows can be good, such as Sesame Street or Elmo and other shows that are considered educational. But there are those that are more violent, more graphic, and more provocative. These are the shows we have become numb too and shows that we let our children watch at such a young age. It can influence them and if it does not, then it numbs them. When they do see violence or bad things happening they will not think much of it because they see it all the time. This, to me, is very alarming. When I was younger things were censored, blocked, parents were more weary of what kids watched, and things were not as graphic as they are today, and there were more educational shows on that parents could place their kids in front of the T.V. and have them watch. Ah, the good old days. I feel that parents are not as strict as they once were, and it is not necessarily the best for children. I think with all that is on T.V. now days, there should be a stricter rule on what goes onto shows. Kids now days are just so numb to the violence that is around them and it is alarming. Schools have bullies that are meaner than ever and most kids ignore the bullying that is going on in front of them. Statistics are sad for all those that have taken their lives because of the extent of the bullying that goes on. And I believe that media is a HUGE factor to this. Not only can they bully at school but now its an online nightmare. Adults do not see all that kids go through. And not just little kids, young adults as well. I think it can all be started to relate back to T.V. and the numbing of violence, swearing, and the bad treatment of others. This is where they see it most. This is where they begin to see how to act and what different swears mean, and why you treat a certain person one way. And parents do not correct their viewings because they think nothing of it. They do not stop in the middle of the show and say, “Now even though they did that, its not acceptable and you should never act that way.” No, people do not do this because they are as sucked it as anyone. They have become absorbed in the show and become mindless zombies that do not think that the actions being done or said is being imprinted into their children’s head.  It makes me upset. People should be aware of this, as well as people in the T.V. industry. At this point, I can only hope that someone can come their senses and see what is going on in this hostile world we live in. Until then, I will continue to fight for all those children of mindless zombies. Someone has to…

Analyzing Everything

So over the last few weeks we have been working on ads and how to analyze them and how to make them and all that jazz.  Well ever since we started I have been analyzing everything I see on TV.  Every commercial hat comes on I automatically am thinking why they placed the wording where they did or why they used those colors, etc…  For instance:

this ad has always catch my eye.  How they add the colors to individualize each Ipod to make it seem like you can stand out from everyone else.  And the headline, how the word “colors” is differently printed to stand out and meant to catch your eye, which I think it does.  How they add their logo ever so slyly at the beginning of the headline.  It’s just a great ad.  I find myself analyzing everything now.  It’s making me more aware of everything I watch and everything I am about to buy, which can be a good thing.  I just find it so interesting how much is put into one simple ad.  How much thought and research is behind one simple detail.  It is truly amazing.  I like how I am able to analyze everything.

It’s amazing how ads work.  Some are so effective and can really sell their product, others cannot.  One commercial in particular has the most effect on myself.  That commercial would be the Kit Kat commercials. ( )  These commercials always leave me wanting to go get a Kit Kat bar, craving one until such a time arises where I can finally snack on its deliciousness.  I find it very interesting, however, that in these commercials, there is no talking, they do not say their slogan, go on about how it will make you happy if you have one, it is not like other commercials for chocolate bars.  In these all they do is creatively make their jiggle through the cracking/snaking of the Kit Kat, the “yummy” noises of people, and other objects around them.  Nothing is truly said.  And yet, every single time I see or even hear those commercials, I have the need for a Kit Kat bar.  They got me.  I cannot figure out how though.  Other than great marketing and advertising, I do not know how it is that the simple jingle makes me want to buy their product.  Maybe I am drawn to the familiar jingle, or perhaps it is simply the physiological need that I am craving the mouth watering candy.  Either way, they have me in their power, for I am weak to their enticing advertisement.

The Advertisers Found My Weakness

Ads in today’s society

So in today’s society commercials are always trying to get our attention. They have only 30 seconds to a minute to grab our attention or keep us interested in their product. Every commercial has its own appeal in order to get our attention. One night my mom and I stumbled across this commercial and we got to talking about it. She had made the comment that that particular commercial would not get her to buy that product. When I asked why she responded that because it did not make her want to get Oreos and that it was a waste of money on the commercial because it was not even funny or enticing. I had said that they had made that commercial for entertainment and so that when you came across Oreos you would remember that funny commercial. Also that you would want to buy them because you would want to see if you liked the cream or the cookie better and possibly ask your friends which they liked as well. It was interesting to find that the commercial did not appeal to my mom, but my brother and I thought it was really funny. I then told my mom they probably were not even targeting older adults but more teenagers and kids with this advertisement. Overall, it was a very interesting conversation, especially because it had to do with what we are talking about in class.  

So much talk, but where’s the result?

There is so much talk about gun control. Ever since the horrible indecent in Connecticut there has been a big push for something to be done about gun control. The news has been all over it. It is a perfect example of surveillance. We only hear one side of the argument about the gun control issue and that is because that is all the media allows use to hear. ( Obama also has been a big factor into how we hear the arguments about gun control. Although yes, it is a big deal and we should get some control over assault weapons and riffles and things of that sort, we also need to be able to arm ourselves in case we ever need to use a gun against an attacker. No one really talks about that however. I believe it to be wrong that we only hear one side of the argument all the time. On the other hand, I believe even if we did hear the other side it would not make a difference. People are talking about this issue often. I cannot turn on the T.V. in the morning without hearing about it. Yet nothing is truly being done to actually control the gun population. Or at least very little is being done. For as much talk is going on, more violence with guns is being done. It is sad to me that each morning I have to sit and listen about how we should take action for gun control, and at the same time I hear about a girl, close to my age, that was killed. She was shot because they believed she was in a rival gang. Yes we need to take action. But who is doing it? Is anyone taking that first step? So I encourage people, look at both sides of the argument and at the same time, take some sort of action because if you do not, I am not sure who will.

As I was sitting in my living room watch the family guy episode about the fat guy strangler ( with my brother I realized how sad it is that the media portrays fat people to be like this. Out of breath, always wanting to eat, gassy, and cannot fit in chairs or breaking them due to their weight. This is a great example of enforcement of norms because they are just stereotyping people who are over weight. They are portraying people who are over weight as gassy individuals that love to eat all the time. On shows like Family Guy and others like it they are sending this message and every time they send that message it sticks to people as that stereotype and it is just not true. My family is over weight as is other people I know and those portrayals are incorrect. Yes, they may have a more difficult time keeping up with some but they are no less of a human and should not be mad fun of. That message needs to change because not only is obesity a problem in the country but so is childhood obesity. Children are most impressionable and watching shows with these messages are saying it is okay to make fun of people who are over weight and this is how they act. It is not okay to make fun of anyone and this message needs to change so children know that it is not how over weight people act and that it is not okay to make fun of them.

Blame the media for the stereotyping of over weight people