Analyzing Everything

So over the last few weeks we have been working on ads and how to analyze them and how to make them and all that jazz.  Well ever since we started I have been analyzing everything I see on TV.  Every commercial hat comes on I automatically am thinking why they placed the wording where they did or why they used those colors, etc…  For instance:

this ad has always catch my eye.  How they add the colors to individualize each Ipod to make it seem like you can stand out from everyone else.  And the headline, how the word “colors” is differently printed to stand out and meant to catch your eye, which I think it does.  How they add their logo ever so slyly at the beginning of the headline.  It’s just a great ad.  I find myself analyzing everything now.  It’s making me more aware of everything I watch and everything I am about to buy, which can be a good thing.  I just find it so interesting how much is put into one simple ad.  How much thought and research is behind one simple detail.  It is truly amazing.  I like how I am able to analyze everything.


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