So much talk, but where’s the result?

There is so much talk about gun control. Ever since the horrible indecent in Connecticut there has been a big push for something to be done about gun control. The news has been all over it. It is a perfect example of surveillance. We only hear one side of the argument about the gun control issue and that is because that is all the media allows use to hear. ( Obama also has been a big factor into how we hear the arguments about gun control. Although yes, it is a big deal and we should get some control over assault weapons and riffles and things of that sort, we also need to be able to arm ourselves in case we ever need to use a gun against an attacker. No one really talks about that however. I believe it to be wrong that we only hear one side of the argument all the time. On the other hand, I believe even if we did hear the other side it would not make a difference. People are talking about this issue often. I cannot turn on the T.V. in the morning without hearing about it. Yet nothing is truly being done to actually control the gun population. Or at least very little is being done. For as much talk is going on, more violence with guns is being done. It is sad to me that each morning I have to sit and listen about how we should take action for gun control, and at the same time I hear about a girl, close to my age, that was killed. She was shot because they believed she was in a rival gang. Yes we need to take action. But who is doing it? Is anyone taking that first step? So I encourage people, look at both sides of the argument and at the same time, take some sort of action because if you do not, I am not sure who will.